“Those who cannot smile,
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is the main expert at Logisol Pro and takes the lead in all projects and assignments.

He holds a master’s degree in Commercial and Financial Sciences from Vlekho Business School (1985).

He began his professional career in a management position at Het Volk Printing in 1987. In 1989 he started working as a consultant in packaging and warehouse logistics at Packinn N.V., where he was responsible for, among others, WMS activities.

He set up Logisol Pro in 1995, at the time mainly active as subcontractor for, among others, Europdata Systems, later Zetes, Dolmen Industrial Projects, Syvox and Ingrif.

In 1999 Jan became a manager at KPMG Consultants and a year on, director in the Supply Chain Practice in Belgium.

In 2001 Jan worked for a brief period as Principal Buy & Supply at IBM.

In 2002 he started taking on the activities of Logisol Pro again with, among others, long-term assignments for J&J, Eugène Perma, Kramp, etc. but mainly many specific expertise assignments.

Apart from his activities as a consultant, project manager and interim manager, Jan also regularly teaches and lectures for various organisations.

Since 2001 Jan has been active as a guest professor at Vlekho Business School (now KULeuven) where he teaches the subjects “logistics management” and “operations management”.

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