Logisol Pro supports companies on their way to this excellence
and cost optimisation.


Logisol Pro supports companies on their way to this excellence and cost optimisation. In support of its expertise, acquired via various national and international projects, Logisol Pro uses recognised methods and aids, such as:

• strategy assessment to convert company objectives into operational objectives

• distribution, transport and warehousing (Quick Scan)

• stock optimisation: from item classification to determining prediction techniques and analysis and determination of stock parameters

• outsourcing method and contract and SLA templates

We can approach this in two ways:

• Study/consulting assignment with a focus on strategy, ASIS analysis, TOBE scenarios, concept and analysis and eventual implementation plan. Attention is paid to flow and process investigation completed with substantiated qualitative analyses. The result is a new traced out operation and a path to get there. This approach enables taking major steps immediately towards the desired excelling, but usually also means investing in infrastructure or cooperation with partners. We can also support the implementation as project or interim manager.

• Continuous improvement: on the basis of a Quick Scan or assessment, opportunities for improvement of the functioning in the existing environment are sought, found and implemented. This method is supported by directional data analysis and benchmarking to support the feasibility and desirability of the changes. Often the foundation is laid here for implementing Kaisen.

Our customers appreciate our result-oriented concepts and easily implementable advice for several operational logistics and supply/demand chain management subjects:

• Optimisation, layout and control of warehouses and distribution centres, including process optimisation, WMS concept and selection, benchmarking, performance models and guidance in furnishing and start-up.

•Optimisation and control of transport and distribution networks, including distribution centre localisation, process optimisation, automation and benchmarking.

• Optimisation of demand forecasting and supply parameters.

• Supplier cooperation and service level agreements.


Warehouse Quick Scan: discover the optimisation potential immediately and implement the results fast.

Transport Quickscan: discover immediately whether your transport costs are in accordance with the market and your orders can be sent to carriers optimised.

Stock optimisation: forecasting and demand management, determining stock policy and optimising stock parameters in order to realise service improvements and lower cost of capital. Supported with own tools.

Distribution network draft: method for feasibility studies & benchmark, optimisation of the type and number of hubs in the network and optimisation of distribution service and cost.

Building design/optimisation:
• Layout studies in warehouse and production
• Material flow optimisations, “de-bottlenecking” a flow
• Optimisation and choice of storage and treatment systems
• Automation studies, including feasibility

IT logistics:
• Defining concept of operation and converting it into IT concept
• Benchmark
• Selection of logistics package, usually WMS or TMS
• Performance measurement
• Project management upon implementation

Process optimisation:
• Process mapping and draft
• Time-based process capacity planning
• VAL, Stock control transport:
• Simulations & benchmarking (cost and service) • SLAs and contracts, including follow-up
• Mode and/or network type selection
• Selection of carriers and total cost optimisation
• Pooling/horizontal cooperation

Warehousing/distribution centre:
• Setting up and optimising warehouse operation, with all its components (flow, process, system, technology, organisation and guidance and performance measurement)
• Selection and weighing up auto ID technology: barcode, RFID, speech or visual recognition
• Time measurements and activity/cost models
• Automation alternatives and efficiency studies
• Outsourcing or doing it yourself
• Location studies
• Picking and packaging studies
• Setting up and implementing continuous improvements
• Performance measurement and reporting
• Customer complaints analysis and corrective actions

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